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Edge VS Frozen


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I hope you'll forgive my OSC ignorance but I'd never heard of it before yesterday and I have installed it today.  I see talk in these forums about Edge and Frozen.  I downloaded the latest version and installed it from the OSCommerce site of course.  How do I know which one I downloaded?  I have downloaded Ajax-AttributeManager and QTPro and would like to install them but they both have folders that are intended for one or the other.

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I'm sorry to have to tell you that the 'official' v2.3.4 (and v2.3.4.1 hot-patch) is very much out of date! The osCommerce project was lead by one person that has been absent for quite some time. In his absence, the "community" has continued with the development of osC. Unfortunately, that one missing person is the only one that can make this continued development an 'official' release.

The 'Community Edition' (also called osC-CE (for Community Edition), osC-BS (for Bootstrap, the platform it is based on), osC-Edge, and/or osC-Frozen.)  is a big improvement over the last 'official' v2.3.4 release in a number of ways:

1) It is responsive. This means that it will adjust the screen layout depending on the size of the screen of your customer's device. This is very important in this day of mobile devices. The 'official' version is not responsive.

2) It will work with the newer version of PHP, the scripting language used in osC. As more and more hosts upgrade their servers to PHP 7.x, older versions of osC (including the 'official' version) will crash.

3) It is much more modular. This means that you can turn features on or off, change the layout, or even add new features, all without touching the core code.

As I said, the community is still working on osC. Every so often, a version is released as a 'fixed' release. 'Frozen' was the last 'fixed' release, while 'Edge' is still ongoing. Since the developers are constantly testing new things in 'Edge', 'Frozen' is the better choice for a live store. As will all software, there will be bugs in any release, and some have been identified in 'Frozen'. There is an entire thread identifying these, as well as their fixes.

Unfortunately, there are no version numbers associated with any of these releases, and they will all say that they are osC v2.3.4.1. The only way to know which release you have is the date on the full package.

You can find a link to the latest 'Frozen' version of the Community Edition in my signature below.

As for the two add-ons you have identified, each should have a support thread in this forum. You can ask there about the compatibility of each add-on with 'Frozen' and/or 'Edge'.



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In other words, trash your "official" installation and start over with "Frozen". If you're adventurous, you could try "Edge", but it's somewhat unstable (i.e., still in development). "Frozen" would be best for you. Sorry to have to do that, but as Malcolm said, the only guy who can make "Frozen" official (download from this site) has been AWOL for a long time.

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Phoenix is better but not the panace. It's better now because all the others are not maintained.


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5 hours ago, alexiscruz007 said:

what is better frozen or phoneix

Definitely Phoenix.

Lots of improvements. Have a look at what 1.3.0 has to offer.

Optionally if you join Phoenix Club and become a supporter you get access to lots of cool add ons like GDPR compliance modules and a superior products layout system.



Support the Project, go PRO and get access to certified add ons

Full-time I am a C-suite executive of a large retail company in Australia. In my spare time, I enjoying learning about web-design.

Download the latest version of CE Phoenix from gitHub here

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8 hours ago, alexiscruz007 said:

what is better frozen or phoneix

Frozen is now in Sunset Status with EOL slated for 31/12/2019.

Phoenix is very innovative and goes far beyond all the different versions of OsCommerce and its forks. New features and optimizations are regularly available unlike Frozen which is at the end of life.

with OsC 2.2 since 2006 ...

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As Matt states, more or less the answer is Yes.

Edge was nothing more than a construct - it was never released or tagged (ie it wasn't a "thing") - it was simply the latest code at a given moment in the timeline of the Project. 

There was far too many complaints about "Edge" from people who could not understand that Edge was simply a construct;
Phoenix was born to solve that, which has versioning (1.x.y.z) so users (should) know where they are and what they are doing. 

For example, if you go to Github now (or to the downloads page at the osCommerce site) you can download quite easily version - it is tagged and released.  If you were to go hunting at Github (and it wouldn't take much to find it), you could find the latest changes which will be in v1.0.7.8 - you could download that now (and consider it "edge").  Make sense ?

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Starting to hang together. ;)

Don't take this the wrong way: an observation, not a criticism.. It's currently an awkward situation for users with relatively new stores, or wishing to begin one. There doesn't seem to be a recent 'stable' osCommerce. I haven't had time yet, to look at a roadmap but a 'milestone' release might be useful. Just today I spotted a comment on v1.0.7.7 that looked to delete  DIR_FS_CATALOG and nearly had a coronary. (Since rescinded, I believe.)  I understand core changes are required to meet new demands but that one would have had a lot of implications.

Thanks for all the effort, guys.


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