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The e-commerce.

Consolidated site on "Theme's"

René H4

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I would like to upgrade my shop with a nice theme in the near future.

However, I cannot find a topic or a website that has consolidated information about this.

It's all scattered over the web (and this forum - I think). No howto.

Can anyone point me to a direction, so I can do some reading and studying?


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The subject of "themes" in osC has always been a messy one. Most commercial sellers of "themes" are selling far more than just a "skin" -- they often have a lot of code or even a complete installation (often obsolete). Ideally a "theme" would just be a skin, just a thin presentation layer with CSS and JS, but usually it's a lot more than that. This is partly the fault of the osC architecture (it's not clean MVC), and partly the need to modify base code to get new features (rather than plugging in a module).

The bottom line is that I would not expect to see a separate site or subdomain or division of this forum handling just osC themes, even free ones. It would cover just too much ground.

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26 minutes ago, 14steve14 said:

Can recommend these themes as I use one. @burt Gary even modified it to my liking by adding components from other themes. Great service.

What he said....I completely agree. 👍


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On 11/22/2018 at 6:29 PM, honda4 said:

@burt Gary, your demo's are non-operational. I might be interested in one of your templates, but would like to see a demo. 🙂

They've been out out of action for ages.  Which one would you like to see particularly ?

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