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Support thread for JcM Color Brand V1.0 CE

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JcM Color Brand V1.0

Note. If you are happy using user.css to make changes then you don't need this add-on.

This is a add-on that makes the process of changing colors on your website a little simpler.

Once installed you can make changes to the site colors from admin. You can change most common item. Some items such as navbar can have a color or an image.

Text color can also be set for most items.

This is work in progress and more items will be added over time.

When making color changes it helps to pick a color palette to work from as this produces a better result.

In the add-on I have used the face-book palette as the defaults.


Again totally standalone with no core code change. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /Navbar Modules and install.

Has been tested on CE BS4 and CE BS3 only.

It can be seen in action on https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/index.php  

this is using the default colors.

That’s it enjoy!


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Has been updated to V1.1 to include button color changes.

If you leave a setting blank it will default to stock osC Bootstrap colour so you only edit the ones you wish to change.

If your looking for inspiration on what colour Palette to use then check out the popular ones on this site.


I think I have covered most of the main changes requested on the forum. If I have missed anything post and I will do my best to include in next update.




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osc CE BS   PHP 7.1.15

I triedd to change the breadcrumb text color but it will not effect the color of the breadcrumb trail text.

If i make change in user.css all other links also change to the dedicatet color.

How can i change only the color for the breadcrumb trail?

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3 hours ago, stratula said:

How can i change only the color for the breadcrumb trail?

Hi, Yes I know this still needs work to cover all the changes. Breadcrumbs is a pain in the @~?@ as it uses <a>  That covers lots of other text so I left it as Bootstrap stock.

In template file find breadcrumb code and replace with this. You can then set the text color in admin. I am sure there will be other bits that need fixing as people try to customize every little bit. 😊

.breadcrumb {
.breadcrumb a {


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