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Warning message on admin/Modules/content


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i have installed a osc bs (responsive master) on php 7.2.3

and i got a warning message in admin modules content page:

Warning: Use of undefined constant - assumed 'OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_LOGIN_SORT_ORDER' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /kunden/media-promote.de/ on line 41

i tried to uninstall the paypal login module and got other errors, after reinstalling i have the same problem as before.

it seems that somewhat somehow doesn't work with php 7.2

i need a little help 








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I had the same problem with several modules and found the solution :

In your language file  catalog/Includes/ (your language)/modules/content (or the one concerned by the error)/login/ (or the one concerned by the error)/cm_paypal_login.php (or the one concerned by the cited error)

add a define that takes in the constant cited, example :

define ('OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_LOGIN_SORT_ORDER',  'Sort Order' );


You take all the errors shown for all the modules (and many of the add-ons throw this) and simply define the constant for each one. Someone said Paypal was fixed so do check out the latest update and use this if not


Hope this helps.



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Sometimes these defined language strings are in a language file, and sometimes they are put in the database. In either case, if you are missing one or more strings, it's likely that something didn't go right with your install (base product or an add-on). Double check your work that you didn't skip a step, or overlook a warning message that a file couldn't be read or written, or data couldn't be put in the database. Look for the missing strings in your install package (language files and .sql files) and if you find them, you may be able to either manually copy the file(s) into place, manually update the proper file(s), or import them into the database. This will take some knowledge of how osC installs things, so don't go about it blindly (i.e., know what you're doing, and be able to recover from backups if you screw up).

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