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rewards points ??? Doesn't ANYONE Know?


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Yes its nearly morning again and I've spent two days searching the forums. Just need to know if there is a contribution for rewards points. I read ALL posts on GiftVouchers/Coupons, but didnt come across any specific reference to rewards points.


Amazing how concentration since the summer of 2002 has been on gift vouchers but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on rewards points.


Rewards points accumulated on purchases and then redeemed on further pruchases must be more important than gift vouchers ?? Or is it just me..


Anyway if GV/Coupons contribution can be adapted for rewards points ....will someone kindly tell me.


Many thanks.



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AFAIK, there is nothing currently available regarding rewards points.


My gut feeling is that it would be easier to create a separate system for rewards points that trying to modify the GV/DC contribution.

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Thanks for your reply.

What approach would you advise for a DIY effort for rewards points. ?


I really think the voucher contribution could form the foundation for such a system. It has many of the purchase calculating features already in place. Points could be regarded as say 'special vouchers' which could accumulate in the voucher account behind the scenes and be calculated and simply added from purchase totals of each order.


I understand MySql fairly well, but lack the php expertise to be confident enough to tackle this.


But in saying that, maybe if I had some direction, I could give it a go.

Any suggestions? Or better still anyone willing to help??




thanks again.


Best regards



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Well, there is a way to go now but would require some work. What you can do is setup the point system, etc. After 30 days or wahtever ( past return point anyway) you go and reward the points as GC/Voucher. You would have to manually decide when points reach high enough. That way, when they get points you go and send the voucher to them and it sits also in their account history info.

I think that would work very easily - but not an automatic process unless you go in and do something like if order_total =x_amount award x points.

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