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Hallo liebe Community,

ich habe einen OSC-Shop "geerbt", der aus der Version 2.2 entstand und nun auf 2.3.4 (mit unterdrückten Fehlern) theoretisch laufen würde. Ein paar Anpassungen fehlen halt noch für den deutschen Markt und EU-Datenschutz, aber:

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich nicht vor dem nächsten Neustart wechseln soll zu WooCommerce. Irgendwie laufe ich hier immer wieder gegen Wände mit meinen Fragen, das Vertrauen um die Zukunft von OSC ist da einfach nicht so richtig da. Vielleicht könnt ihr ja etwas Licht ins Dunkel bringen?

* Version 2.3.4 und - es gibt kein Update hierfür, aber gibt es auch Unterschiede in den Versionen? Was bitte bedeutet Bootstrap und wenn von "APP" gesprochen wird, reden wir da von Module und Contributionen, die mittels Klick installierbar sind?

* Version 3.* - äh - was ist das denn nun?

* ist OSC auch heute noch zeitgemäß den Anforderungen entsprechend, wie z.B. Datenschutz, Responsive Webdesign, SEO und Sicherheit?

Ich freue mich, über eure Erfahrungen zu lesen.

Liebe Grüße



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osCommerce v2.2 is very old, has many security risks, and will begin to crash as your host updates their servers. So, your choice is to upgrade to the latest version of osCommerce, or move your shop to another shopping cart (such as WooCommerce).

If you move to another cart, you will be starting from scratch. You may be able to bring your customers, products, and sales history over, but the information may, or may not, be complete.

If you stay with osCommerce, there is an upgrade path from v2.2 to the last 'official' version, but I do not recommend it. To try and patch your old v2.2 store up to the latest 'official' version would result in a "Frankenstore", resulting in code that no-one else can support. You would basically be making your own fork of osC.

Unfortunately, the last 'official' v2.3.4 (and the v2.3.4.1 hot-patch) versions are also out of date. The osCommerce project was lead by one person that has been absent for quite some time. In his absence, the "community" has continued with the development of osC. Unfortunately, that one missing person is the only one that can make this continued development an 'official' release.

And, while versions 2.4 and 3.0 were announced years ago, but there has been no development done on these in years. There are several people working on their own 'forks' of these versions, but they are doing so on their own, without any acknowledgement or support from the osC team.

The latest version of osC is the 'Community Edition'. Sometimes called by different names (osC-CE (for Community Edition), osC-BS (for Bootstrap, the platform it is based on), osC-Edge, osC-Final, and/or osC-Frozen),  it is a big improvement over the last 'official' v2.3.4 release in a number of ways:

1) It is responsive. This means that it will adjust the screen layout depending on the size of the screen of your customer's device. This is very important in this day of mobile devices. The 'official' version is not responsive.

2) It will work with the newer version of PHP, the scripting language used in osC. As more and more hosts upgrade their servers to PHP 7.x, older versions of osC (including the 'official' version) will crash.

3) It is much more modular. This means that you can turn features on or off, change the layout, or even add new features, all without touching the core code.


So yes, the Community Edition is contemporary in regards to privacy, responsive design, security, etc. Many of the more popular add-ons (or apps) have been updated to work with the Community Edition. The better ones are also following the current coding style of no core code changes. Simply copy the files to your server, enable the new module(s) in Admin, and configure them.

You can find a link to the latest version of the Community Edition in my signature below.


Now, having said all of that, there is no 'upgrade path' to the Community Edition. You would install it clean into a separate directory on your server (local or hosted), and migrate your images and data over from the old store.

This will not carry over any mods or customizations you may have done to your original store. You would have to apply these all over again (the person from whom you inherited the shop keep notes on what they did to the shop, right?). Fortunately, many of the mods needed in the older versions of osC are now built-in in the Community Edition. Any styling changes will have to be applied again too. That said, it's probably time to give your shop a 'face lift' anyway, to keep it fresh and current.

Finally, the lead developer of the Community Edition created a bundle of modules earlier this year that address the new GDPR regulations.


So, if you move to a new cart, or stick with osC, you will essentially be building a new shop. If you want to keep your customers, products, and sales history, you'll have to migrate that from your old store.



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Thank you for your detailed statement,

in fact, I see something clearer now. Can you tell me please if there is a way to import the products (descriptions in German and English) from 2.3.4 into the Community Edition (Responsive-osCommerce-master.zip)?
The customer data and orders are obsolete ...

OsC-BS, Edge, Final/Frozen are only different names or forks?

Thanks again!

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On 10/20/2018 at 2:47 PM, Chrisso said:

OsC-BS, Edge, Final/Frozen are only different names or forks?

They are all just different names, used over time, as the development continued. 'Frozen' is the last released version.

I am sure that there are developers in the Commercial Support area of the English forum that could assist you with migrating your products. Do be aware that the Community Edition may not have the German language translation complete. You could assist the community if you were able to help in the translation, and make that available back to the community.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to the decision-making process. Now my shop for record pins and accessories is online: https://mrstylus.com/

Thank you for helping me to understand each version. I ended up with Frozen :)


The language pack worked wonderfully, thank you!

Brave, hold out, test. I have not done anything else (and probably most of them).

Live long and prosper


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Du brauchst noch den Lieferkostenvermerk in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Preis.
Nicht vergessen, die Versandkosten müssen inkl. MwSt. gelten.
Bestätigung der AGB, Widerruf und Datenschutzrichtlinien.
Die DSGVO Angaben müssen jedem Kunden zugänglich sein.
Kontrollkästchen mit Bestätigung der Privatsphere vor dem Versenden des Kontaktformulars.

Und, und, und.....
An deiner Stelle würde ich erstmal genauer prüffen was alles noch fehlt was rechtlich vorgeschrieben ist bevor der Shop On-Line geht. (kann sehr teuer werden.)

PS. Die anderen Shops die im Netz zu finden sind, sind auch nicht ganz ohne und müssen an die Gesetzvorgaben angepasst werden.

Edited by YePix
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