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unable to switch language at store in BS

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This is a new BS default install without any customization.

I copied the english.php and English directory to 4 other files/directories in the web root/includes/languages and web_root/admin/includes/languages so they are 5 directories total

make some adjustments to these files so they show the correct language translation

I defined 5 languages in the administration -> localization -> language, select language 4 as default language

installed the language bar, using default setting

in the administration backend, I am able to switch language and see the translation I made

in the store front, I am able to see the 5 languages in the drop down, but not able to switch language.  everything still default to English which is no 1 in the list.

I tried to copy some language setting related codes from backend web_root/admin/includes/application_top.php to web_root/include/application_top.php without any success. the language selection still stick to English .

Any help will be appreciated. thanks


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The language selection does work in the body of the page.

it just the language selection drop down always shows the first language in the list. It is just a minor bug and it does not affect the functionality of the site.


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