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Duplicate session key


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i am currently using a worldpay contribution for a store and when you get to the confirmation page of the order i got this error at the bottom of the page:


1062 - Duplicate entry '979ffc1cbe21a98d7305c4ddb77ebe41' for key 1

insert into sessions values ('979ffc1cbe21a98d7305c4ddb77ebe41?language=en', '1056629927', 'cart|O:12:"shoppingcart":4:{s:8:"contents";a:0:{}s:5:"total";i:0;s:6:"weight";i:0;s:12:"content_type";b:0;}language|s:7:"english";languages_id|s:1:"1";currency|s:3:"GBP";navigation|O:17:"navigationhistory":2:{s:4:"path";a:1:{i:0;a:4:{s:4:"page";s:14:"wpcallback.php";s:4:"mode";s:6:"NONSSL";s:3:"get";a:3:{s:6:"osCsid";s:44:"979ffc1cbe21a98d7305c4ddb77ebe41?language=en";s:7:"msgType";s:10:"authResult";s:12:"installation";s:5:"75016";}s:4:"post";a:35:{s:8:"authCost";s:5:"19.99";s:8:"testMode";s:3:"100";s:7:"address";s:38:"37 Crabgate Lane, Skellow Doncaster";s:8:"currency";s:3:"GBP";s:13:"countryString";s:14:"United Kingdom";s:12:"installation";s:5:"75016";s:3:"fax";s:0:"";s:12:"countryMatch";s:1:"S";s:7:"transId";s:8:"42097182";s:3:"AVS";s:4:"0001";s:12:"amountString";s:11:"?19.99";s:8:"postcode";s:7:"DN6 8LE";s:7:"msgType";s:10:"authResult";s:3:"tel";s:11:"01302554933";s:4:"name";s:13:"Tim Darracott";s:4:"desc";s:27:"Purchase from Leader Floors";s:11:"transStatus";s:1:"Y";s:8:"cardType";s:4:"Visa";s:4:"lang";s:2:"en";s:9:"transTime";s:13:"1056628486290";s:10:"authAmount";s:5:"19.99";s:16:"authAmountString";s:11:"?19.99";s:4:"cost";s:5:"19.99";s:6:"instId";s:5:"75016";s:9:"MC_oscsid";s:0:"";s:6:"amount";s:5:"19.99";s:8:"compName";s:13:"Leader Floors";s:7:"country";s:2:"GB";s:11:"MC_callback";s:113:"www.indigoonline.co.uk/websites/leader/catalog/wpcallback.php?osCsid=979ffc1cbe21a98d7305c4ddb77ebe41?language=en";s:14:"rawAuthMessage";s:32:"authorised (testMode always Yes)";s:5:"email";s:34:"[email protected]";s:12:"authCurrency";s:3:"GBP";s:6:"cartId";s:39:"osCsid=979ffc1cbe21a98d7305c4ddb77ebe41";s:11:"rawAuthCode";s:1:"A";s:8:"authMode";s:1:"A";}}}s:8:"snapshot";a:0:{}}')



i have seen people with the same problem but still havent found an answer to my problem.


Any help on this would be brilliant. Please dont post a link to the worldpay topic as i have flicked through every page of those posts.


i did set the sesskey field in the session table as an INT and to auto_increment. this seemed to clear the problems. but when i wasnt logged in if i added a product to the cart it would tell me the cart was empty.


Kind Regards



ePDQ arrggghhhh!

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so what the hell is wrong with this thing!!


i thourght i had cured the problem by making the sesskey field in the database not primary. It semt to work but now all it is doing is taking us back to login when we have made an order. rather than a confirmation!



i suspect that this is when a duplicate entry in the sessions database occurs.

ePDQ arrggghhhh!

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i have just changed the session store from 'mysql' to blank.


now the orders seem to work fine.. its just that i get this error at the bottom of the page..


Warning: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/homepages/41/d77589944/htdocs/websites/leader/tmp) in Unknown on line 0


the path seems to be corect as there are some sessions stored in there!

ePDQ arrggghhhh!

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