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image sizes driving me mad click for bigger image!


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Is anyone else having frustration with image sizes and only being able to upload one image? The click for bigger image only seems to produce the only image that has been upload, so to show a decent size image for the click larger image the small image is the same size but scaled down, which is pretty stupid to say the very least.


Clicking to view a larger image gives the visitor the option of downloading a bigger file size image instead the setup has already downloaded the bigger file size"!"


Does anmyone know of how to upload two images or some resizing contribution that works? I have treid both of the contributions and both do not work


Thank you


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just to clarify what is meant by size. In admin the image size are determined by:


Small Image Width 100

Small Image Height 100

Heading Image Width 57

Heading Image Height 40

Subcategory Image Width 100

Subcategory Image Height 57

Calculate Image Size true

Image Required


which does and doesn't help. Its ok making all images 100x100 but what about the popup!

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Not sure I understand the issue entirely as you can upload as big a picture as you want. This will be the size of the image that is seen when the customer clicks the "click to enlarge" thumbnail, i.e, the pop-up is sized to the size of the picture uploaded.


The thumbnail is generated on-the-fly and so it is properly resized to 100x100 (or whatever you have set) by the server, so there is not the performance penalty compared to browser resizing (bad practice anyway).







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thanks mark


what I mean is if you upload an image 500x500 the 100x100 will be the 500x500 image, if you upload an image 100x100 that will not creat an image 500x500 when clicking on the 'larger image'



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There are several contributions that will fix your problem. I use Big Images. It allows you to upload 2 pics 1 thumbnail and 1 full size. The thumbs are used for product info, etc the big 1 for click for larger image. The drawback to this mod is you need to create the thumbnails. I use a free program from download.com called jpeg imager 2.0 that creates thumbs from your images.(1 pic regular size 1 pic thumbnail). You can go to my site and see how it works. There are also mods that will create the thumb on the fly, but I haven't used them so i can't comment on them

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