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The e-commerce.

Need some help!!

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1. First off, I am trying to setup my site, I have gotten things going pretty well. I need to know how do I call my default.php, as soon as someone visits my site? www.lingeriecloset.com


2. Now one more question, what happens when the new milestone is introduced, if I install on top of my site, will it change everything?


I have gotten to this point, it has taken me a long time, I don't wanna lose my updates.


Thanks for all replies.


Nua Nicaj



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1. Go into your webserver's config file and find the list of default pages (in apache it's the DirectoryIndex line in httpd.conf). Add "default.php" to the list. That should work, but I've never done it. Don't forget to restart apache.


2. I was told that installing a new snapshot will change everything but your database. So basically you might need to rebuild stuff. But i think you can only install certain files. There's also a program somewhere that I was told about here that will compare two files for content. It shows discrepancies between them. So theoretically you could open up your current file and the new one, have it look for the differences, and then copy your old modifications into the new file.



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