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Very basic include


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Graphics guy (non-coding idiot) seeks very easy insert/include code which will pull html or php file into Product Description.


I'm sure it's been asked a million times, and I've searched the topics but couldn't find one with the answer :oops: . I tried a simple include line (both html and php) with no success.


If I'm posting this in the wrong place (which seems like an extremely common mistake), can you tell me where I can find a discussion topic which does address my question...instead of just telling me off?



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I like how you can see both the number of replies as well as the number of times the posting is viewed. It means several (or many) people have looked at my question...and Everyone has decided I'm not worth their time.

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Even if you don't know the answer, thanks so much for even responding!


I don't know php, but I know one thing--the include statement, because Dreamweaver can write it. You can add it to an html page, right, but then it has to be saved as .php, along with the whatever.php you're including. Okay, so, in the osCommerce catalog, we've been pasting html tables into the product description blank. That renders fine, but we'd like to just put some kind of include statement into the product description so from then on, all we gotta do is edit the table on an external page which contains the description.


I'm not sure if I'm explaining what I want very well. I know since this is a free deal, I have no right to expect any help, so I appreciate any of your time.


Thanks again,


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This is more of a General Support question, just FYI. Perhaps a moderator will move it later. You should continue to post in this thread to keep everything together.


In general, you will get more support if you post code (even if it is wrong), because people then have something off which to work. The two code snippets that I would recommend are one that shows how it looks with cut and paste. The other is one that shows how it looks when you try to use an include. A link to show you want it to look in the end wouldn't hurt either.


Where are you entering the code? Are you adding this to every product description (in product_info.php or wherever) or are you trying to put code in the product description on the add/update products page?


Good luck,


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