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Argg Backup , ezpopulate, and more not working right


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Hi Guys,

OK here is the problems. Simply once my database got over 3000 products all sorts of things stopped working right. Backup and ezpopulate for example when ran would running for about a minute and then I just get page cannot be displayed (already tried changing max_execution_time = 900 no luck) Or if I was to go to use specials and then add a special, it would run and just stop and never be able to generate the full list of products in the drop down. Site seems to run fine. But doing updates, getting froogle feeds etc of course is a problem. My host doesnt see anything wrong and are willing to do just about anything to help me out, but I havent a clue why this is happening. They even upgrade Mysql for me and that didnt do it. Im thinking maybe in the php.ini file? As it stands now product database is 8000 so of course this isnt a good thing. Note also that attempting to do a backup with phpmyadmin gives the same results, but telneting in a using mysql commands works fine. So my guess is its in php but where is the question. Any help would be appreacited, Ive been fighting this for 2 months now.




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If your server is running in safe mode, then you can't increase the time out.


Also, for easy populate, split the file. I have successfully uploaded 5000 rpoducts at a time, with short descriptions, but you may need to upload fewer at a time.


In myphpadmim, back up in parts. Don't do all the fields in one go.

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