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add to cart in the product_info.php


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'm trying to add a buy now or add to cart button on the product_info.php page. Some people have told me that it should already be there but i can't find it. If you have any insite could you please be a little descriptive about where it is. Could someone help please.


Thanks in Advance

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You *may* be looking at product_listing.php (this is called by default.php) rather than product_info.php.... if so, there is a setting in admin>configuration>product listing - Display Buy Now Column


If you are looking at product_info,php and cannot see a buy now button, check that you have button_in_cart.gif in your catalog/includes/languages/english/images/buttons folder


If its there ok, try replacing your product_info.php with a new file :shock:

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true, that does place a column there, but has anyone realised that the add to cart buttons placed on the page after enabeling it in the admin, that when you click add to cart or buy now, it goes to the product listing instead of adding it to the cart.

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