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Slow site problems


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I have installed MS1 and was running the default site and experiencing very slow response. I removed category count, enable gzip (9), added indexes to the database as suggested in several other posts, and tried to enable cache. I created a folder in my web directory structure and chmod to 777. I get no error message, however no files are created either, even after I add categories. I removed everything from the database and still found that the main page takes about 25 seconds to load. If I dump a ton of images onto an html page, the page loads fine.


I am confused. I hope that if I can ever get the cache to work, my response issues will be solved. If anyone has any ideas, I am open.





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Loading time results for: http://www.pitpassdiecast.com/default.php


Loading test content results

Number of graphics/scripts: 45

Total graphics size: 23889 bytes

Total HTML size: 17439 bytes

Total page size: 41328 bytes

Load time by modem speed

Modem speed: Download time:

14.4k 24.99 seconds

28.8k 13.5 seconds

56k 7.87 seconds

ISDN (128k) 4.6 seconds

T1 (1.44 MB) 2.26 seconds


Excellent loading time!



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This thing might be flawed:


for ebay.com:


Number of graphics/scripts: 86

Total graphics size: 719865 bytes

Total HTML size: 45316 bytes

Total page size: 765181 bytes

Load time by modem speed

Modem speed: Download time:

14.4k 462.62 seconds

28.8k 249.98 seconds

56k 145.69 seconds

ISDN (128k) 85.2 seconds

T1 (1.44 MB) 41.76 seconds



I don't see how ebay could actually take 41.76 seconds to load even on the fastest connection.

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Oh I also just found out that for meta keywords you should only use up to 1000 characters. I am assuming google would mark you down if you use more.


I am using around 1600 :( I gotta cut some stuff out.

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