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I have searched the contributions and this forum but could not get a clear answer to what I'm looking for.


How do I format my descriptions on my product pages to look something like this: (It only has normal text even if I enter paragraphs etc.)


Bold: Product Specifications:

Speed: 56k

Size: 5 x 6

blah blah

<New Paragraph>


This product....

<New paragraph>


Furthermore, if you....


I would really appreciate it if someone out there can help, I might have missed something whilst searching but I am pretty sure I did not find anything useful..


Thanx in advance

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if there ending up in the text, your not using both brackets before and after <br> <u> and don't use them the wrong way or they will not work

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So basically you can use all HTML code. I just created <ul></ul> items and it works fine.


Any sugestions as to how I can speed up the process? I've got approx 200+ items to add and to hand code the description pages will take forever.



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I will try it. I hope it is not too difficult to install, I'm new to osCommerce and are a little weary of trying too many things too soon. I still haven't added any contributions requiring me to update my mySQL db.


I'll get there eventually...


I'm just the causious type.


Thanx again.

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I use dreamweaver and put all my info in a table and save it in a special directory on my local then when I want to change it I have a back up an just copy and paste into the admin.

use more images in a directory on your server, then you have html with in your php. thats the fastest I could come up with with out installing a mod. for an advanced info product page. I disabled the click the link for more info and I commented out the image to click to enlarge.

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also another thing you could consider is to add extra fields to your description

all my items need height width and depth so I added more fields kind of keeps things nice and orderly... dont know if it'll work for your case but just throwing the idea out there

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