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The e-commerce.

How much items in shop? How much categories?


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We are just evaluating osCommerce with about 55.000 items and 1.000 categories ... and it won't work... Reply from server takes several minutes ... CPU works at almost 100% ...

Can somebody tell me what the limits vor osCommerce are? Is there any specification on it?

Thanks, Mirko

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I believe there are people out here with shops that have 100s of thousands of products. It is only limited by your MySQL database space, I would think.


As for your performance, there are several things that can affect that. And several things you can do to improve performance.


What version of software did you load to test with?


You can add indexes to the tables to speed up the database. Just search for *add*index* out here, and I'm sure you'll find several topics relating to it.


Also, turn off category counts in your Admin section (Configuration, My Store) set Category Counts to false, as this adds alot of processing.


Also, under Configuration (GZip Compression) set compression to true and a starting value of like one(1).


You can also enable Cache in Configuration (Cache).


Hope all of this helps. I know people have asked about adding one-half to a million products on discussions out here, so 55,000 shouldn't put a dent in it.


Also check the hosting and server you're using. Are you the only ones on a dedicated server, or is the 100% from everyone else on the server as well?



If I build it...they will come.

If I don't try to build it.....I will never know!

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i have the same problem. Now i tried to use the tips above, but there are some difficulties.

The first thing is, that the cache wouldn?t be build. I think the Reason is, that there is always a SID.


The second and very much important problem is, that your tips above only will speedup the /catalog not the /admin section. I have 109000 Articles in the Shop and the Output is aceptable. But i can?t really administer my Site, because there is a long time of loading when i try to change some article information. The starting site of the adminsection is fast. But after a click on catalog section where i can administrate the product information the site is slow down.


Did you have some useful tips like these ones above for the adminsites?


Thank you.

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