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Easy Populate is utterly deceased?


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Yeah, I'm working on the site late and hard tonight. :twisted:


I'm pulling out a lot of hair in the process, too. I'm trying to get easy populate to work (I've got God-knows-how-many-thousand items to upload and really don't want Carpal Tunnel syndrome just yet!) and can't. It must be something in my puny brain that's dead...all the program will spit out is the stock header and footer. There's not so much as a single space between <body> and </body>/ I've been thru it with a fine-toothed comb and nothing works. The only way I can get it to do anything at all is to stick an echo command in the code someplace and have it echo a dirty joke as a comment.....then the only thing the server spits out to my browser is my comment. The whole <head>....</head> is gone, the doctype is gone, all that remains is <!--There one was a man from Nantucket.....-->


I'm confused.

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You're not that far from me, hehe... I pass through Camarillo every day!


Anyway... You sure you're not exceeding the time-out limit with that many products? (The time-out of PHP).. That's why the "split" function is included...


I've noticed that around 1,700 items on the server I use (a 450MHz linux-based), it'll take about 3 or 4 minutes before I get a refresh... Although I did up the PHP default timeout... Otherwise, I'd probably only get away with inserting 300 products before it'd have a heart-attack.


Just a thought...


P.S. - Yeah, I know how tough it is getting too many products, I'm still trying to figure out how to import 200,000 products from our distributor's master database.... And this is after weeding out things we don't sell/aren't authorized for.

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