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shipping based on product model or vat


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This sounds like it should be simple, but it seems very difficult to get at the right variable at the right time.. :?


I need to be able to turn off a shipping module if the cart just contains all of a particular product, specifically:Books.


So.. if the whole order is all books.. then turn of the shipping mods that are for 'Mixed products'


I was thinking if all 'Books' had the same 'Model' info..

that would be a nice constant to refer to..


Also.. as books dont have VAT added.. maybe that could be used.


I just cant seem to drag the relevant variables out of checkout_shipping.php


the appear to be called via orders.php

and i can drag out all kinds of customer info etc..


But dont seem to be able to get at any $products_orders stuff..

i know it looks at: ['id'] ['model'] ['tax'] etc.. etc..


anyone found a solution to this, or have any ideas ?


Thank you in advance if you have :wink:

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o.k.. i will break this down a bit..

On checkout_shipping.php i am trying to do a check on the contents of the cart.

I.E look at list of items to check for a specific thing.


To start off, i need to call in the cart contents array and check for the model names of all the items.. and then (for now) print out the category id of a specific model name, if it is in the list.


the hassle is that a lot of the variables are not there, and would have to be called in from the DB, the model name list should be available via the includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php which is always on the top right in checkout_shipping.php. <a possible way to do it?>


has anyone been working on anything like this ?

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