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I need help with rental site


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I am currently working on my DVD rental site and need help.


I need another field adding for the No of rental days.


I was going to use the qty field but I am going to use this. I will be having different quantities of each title and when all have been rented out, I don't want the title adding to the cart.


If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


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A simple solution would be to just add the quantity back when the customer returns there vid. I'm sure when I checked my set up yesterday when an item goes out of stock it takes it out of the catalogue. On stock in configuration your need to set allow check out to false, so even if I'm wrong and it still displays the item it can't be added to the cart.

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You might want to consider making number of days to rent an attribute. Of course, you'd still run into the same problem if it keeps inventory separately based on attribute. However, I don't think that it does this, since some people were talking about wanting to make products with different attributes have different model numbers.


Good luck,


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