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The e-commerce.

If you want to work on the OSC Mall/Directory proposal....


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Come and check it out and give us your feedback, THIS IS NOT A LIVE SITE AND IS THE BASIS FOR A PROPOSAL for Harald for the Live Shops, either as a replacement or as a supplement .... most likely a supplement. All shops listed will require POWERED BY osCommerce link.


You can post here, or there, or via contact us there, with category suggestions, sections and topic suggestions, etc.


If you want to sign on to help develop the concept and proposal, email me at [email protected] after you create an account over there.




The site is being announced on lists to recruit people to list their marketing services, so it looks "live" but it is not.


If it does not end up fitting with the Team plan for a showcase for osc stores, then it will continue to be developed to showcase open source in general, so any work on it will not be lost.


Please Note:

I have left up the generic site theme without creating a logo, ignore all the phpNuke stuff and PLEASE don't recommend a different/your favorite cms or directory software. This is what I am using for this proposal :) It is HIGHLY customizable and will NOT look "nukey" when it is time to go live.

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We need links and categories and feedback if you all want this to work.


The site isn't "live" but is open for link submissions, product announcements and press release submissions.


We need something to work with, so that means we need real links, real people trying to go through the process of submitting information and giving feedback about what you like/don't like about the process.


If no interest exists, fine, but if you want to help get this started it is as simple as going to osc-sites.com and submitting your site info.


For now I also need ideas on where to feature adult sites, they cannot be in the main directory, I am thinking of making a separate directory due to some feedback from the writers groups that have been contributing marketing information.

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