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Minimum Advertised Price


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Does anyone have to deal with a minimum advertised price?

I have some dealers that force me to advertise their products at a certain price or they will not sell to me.


Anyone have to deal with this?


I would like to be cheaper than most on the web and this is not possible when we all have to have the same price.


Coupons, discounts?

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How about "rebates" on future purchases - force the customer to "PAY" the required price but then issue a certificate for $XXX for there next purchase - he can then use that next time as "CASH" towards another (or same -addtional) item at the "required" price. You could get your product pulled if you "discount" in ANY way items that your required to have a MIN price on. You can offer a "certificate" for FUTURE purchase(s) :wink: . But a straight CASH "rebate" may be view as a "discount off" the min "required" price. Many people give "mail in rebates" to get over these "MIN PRICES" - however many of them are "authorized" by the producer.


This would all be subject to your suppliers discression. They may or may not allow to sell you product for ANY REASON THE FEAL LIKE. They are not required to sell you anything! And if they feal your not "coming up to there standards" they can stop selling to you at any time.


If you want to deal there stuff you have to play there game. The only way is to "give" unrelated stuff with the goods (buy this and get this thing at no charge - bundle package - still meets the MIN "required" price)

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I've created a contribution to work around this problem. If you install the contribution, you will have a field in your product entry/update form for "Product's MAP. If the selling price is below the MAP, the price is hidden. In its place is a link that says "Click For Price," which takes the customer to an automatic price quote screen. The customer fills in their name and email address and a price quote is instantly emailed to them. This satisfies my MAP restrictions, hopefully it will help yours.


You can find the contribution here:

Click For Price


and the support thread is here:

Click For Price support thread

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Similarly, I added a field to my product entry screen "Display Price? (yes/no)"....wrote some code in the few scripts that display product prices to check this value and display an alternate message instead of the price. It's not as sophisticated as the previous posters contrib but I did not want automated emails with prices going out because this actually violates the MAP for one specific vendor I deal with.


You can check out my site to see it at work....



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