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How to change Order in Product Feature Dropdown ?


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Hi !


I use the Product-Feature and it works great. But i couldn't figure out, how to change the Sorting of the Dropdown Menu.


For example i offer a PC System, and a Product Feature is "Communication" then i have the options :


- ISDN Card

- Analog 56k Modem

- None


and i want None to be preselected. (and showed at first)


anyone knows how i can do that ? thanks in advance !! :)

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no, its not a contribution, i use the normal "product feature" feature :)


for example look here :



i am talking about the dropdown boxes (e.g. Memory). if i wanted to add another option, it would appear at last in the dropdown box. and i know no way how to change the order of appereance of the options in the dropdown box.

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This should work ok for the preselection....in product info.php (around line 112 - MS1) change :




        $products_options_array = array();




        $products_options_array = array('id' => '', 'text => 'None');


Please back up your file before making changes ... I have not tested this :shock:


For the order you will have to introduce a sort order into the products_attributes query - this depends on *how* you wish to order them.



 . order by your_sort_order");

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