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Disabling/Enabling Customer's Address Book within Admin?


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Please see some background information in this thread - the subject has changed slighty so a new thread would be better suited.




I want to user the Customer Address book in a different way for specific customers. As mentioned in the above thread, I have some clients that have a number (150) of locations that their employees will have our good delivered to.


Through using the address book I can add all of these locations into the customers address book.


My first issue is that I want to control the entering and updating of this address book (as multiple employees from the client will be using the system under the one login, they will just be having their good delivered to different locations). Currently once logged in, the user can make changes to their address book. I don't want certain customers/logins to be able to do this.


So be default, a customer can sign up and their account works as normal.

But in admin I would like an option (a simple tick box?) that could disable the customer viewing their address book - I could apply this to only the customers that have multiple shipping locations.


My second issue is that I want to have a drop down box during checkout where they can select from the locations that are entered in their address book.


I think this may be fairly complicated but any help would be appreciated.


I am trying to get my head around PHP and MySQL but still have a long way to go. I'm sure this is possible.



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