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Win NT and images?


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:?: I am installing osCommerce 2.2ms1 on a win nt server using IIS. (not by my choice) but I am now having a problem getting the images to show up in the catalog. This includes the graphics for the page as well as banners and products.


I have messed with the permissions and comfigure.php, but to no avail, still nothing. The wierd thing is that the path to the images are correct.


To see what I am talking about go to trade.msedesign.net this is my test area.


Thanks in advance,


Loren Winfrey

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I have to guess that there is something wrong with how the directory paths are setup. http://trade.msedesign.net/images/images/o.../oscommerce.gif works for me, but http://trade.msedesign.net/images/oscommerce.gif does not. Without being able to see your setup, I'm not really sure what might be wrong (although the fact that http://trade.msedesign.net/images brings up the default page makes me wonder).


It looks to me like you could make it work by adding an extra images/ to the DIR_WS_IMAGES define (in configure.php), but that should not be necessary.


define('DIR_WS_IMAGES', 'images/images/');


Hope this helps,


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