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Orders don`t show up in admin section pleassssssssssse help!


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Since yesterday orders don`t show up in my admin section anymore...i don`t know what i have done wrong but i hope somebody does know how to fix this..


They still come in on my e-mail adres but not in the admin section. just the pending orders then, If i set a delivered order back to processing it works, so that section still works to


does anybody have an idea what the problem can be??? When i look at the cutomers history, i can see that they ordered something, but when i go to "pending orders" nothing shows up at all... :?


is there anybodu out there who has got an idea what this can be.....

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Thanks for responding...i know now i can still see them by typing the ordernumbers in quote:


The orders were showing up in the orders table and I could select them by number in the admin.

and you said:


"The configuration value was empty. I disabled, re-enabled order totals and placed another order and it (the new order) showed up."

I don`t know how to do this, could you please help me doing that?


In my administration panel i (think) i can`t enable or disable order_total cause i can`t find that. I think i have got the same problem you had

i have looked in the map admin->modules->order_total but there isn`t an order_total there: Or should i do something in phpadmin (clearing all orders in the database "orders" is that what you guys mean cause i erased some in php admin (like 4) and there are still 25 in (all test orders), but that didn`t solve my problem??


Is the following thing a solution mayby?


replace the whole database with the one that is on local? there are no products in my database(online) besides the standard cause it is still in test fase. but where i am afraid of is that when i replace the database with with the local one, my site isn`t online anymore. Does this have affect on the rest of my sore (language, layout settings in configure.php and things like that....)


I hope you can tell me how to disable en enable that order_totals


thank you for helping me..

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I have "solved" the problem, replaced the database with the local one, and now it works again until.......I go in my admin section to modules. WFrom the moment i click on modules no orders are showing up any more...I posted this to could you please read this...




thanks for helping me :wink:

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