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Multiple Delivery/Location Option in Checkout


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I have my shop and and running (and working perfectly) at this stage - still testing not live.


I was wondering if it is possible to have a dropdown box with multiple delivery/location options in the checkout under a specific account/username?


To explain:


Say I have a client and they have multiple offices/locations. I want them to have the one useraccount but within that I want to add all of their locations. When someone from the company logs in with their details they can go through and purchase whatever they want, but during checkout there is a dropdown box where they can select their location for the good to be delivered. It would be great if the location details could be added in the admin section under that specific username. That means that other clients that have a similar configuration can be setup in a similar fashion (just edit their user details and add the multiple locations in admin)


Is there a contribution that allows this? or has anyone needed/or thought of developing one?


If not any advice/info on how this would be achived?



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I might be stating the obvious here, if so, apologies.

But you do realise that a customer can have multiple address's in their account. The way this works will depend on which version you are using, but in hte more recent versions they can either goto "My Account" and add to their address book, or do so in the checkout process.


Now theres no default drop down box as you would like, but oscommerce database is setup in such a way that you could modify the source to do so.

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Thanks for the info - and I did overlook that feature.


Atleast it gives me something to work with.


I had a look on my site today and I noticed it says that a customer can only have a max of 5 addresses in their address book - why is there this limit? and more importantly can I change that - some clients have over 150 locations that would have to be entered.


THis feature is great for general customers, but for these specific clients that have multiple delivery locations, would it be possible to remove that feature for specific clients? That way the info can be set without having the risk of anyone from their company changing locations details etc.


I still want the feature to be there, just not for specific customers, a Check box or similar in admin would be idea.


Finally, can anyone give me some info on How I would link a drop down box to the locations that are set in a specific address book?


Thanks again.

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in the admin section you will find under maximum values a setting for address book entries.. You can set that to whatever you want.

Its not customer specific tho.



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Yeah it would be reasonable complicated.


Perhaps start a new thread, people often show more interest in zero reply posts :)


I guess you would have to add a field to the customers database table "num_address_books".

Then when the customer is in their "my accounts" area, instead of comparing to the value it currently looks at, grab that value from the DB.


When they signup you could set it to the default setting.


And then in the admin area modify the customer edit area to include a text box to let you change it.


None of that is to difficult assuming you know something about php and mysql. I'm also typing this on the fly without really examing how it all works.. so there may be better ways :)

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