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easypopulate froogle question


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I downloaded an installed easypopulate for the froogle support.


I successfully downloaded my froogle file.


But after examining the downloaded file, it seems to have more data in it then the froogle document requires.


Does it need to be modified before sending to froogle?


Never used froogle before.


Thanks for any advice

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  • 2 months later...

I have found that most of the information is not needed and Google told me to remove it. As well the strip quotes feature does not seem to work or it doesnt work the way that I imagine its supposed to. Heres what I do with the files Froogle_Generator or EasyPopulate generates.


1.) Highlight all columns that are not needed and clear the contents.

2.) Search for and get rid of any products that are hidden (this can be a pain in the butt if you have lots of products and no system. Right now I leave the price blank so they are easy to spot.)

3.) Do a search/replace on the name and description columns for any " or ' characters and replace them with a blank space.


By the way I do this with Excel so it goes quicker. Trying to edit the .txt file manually will take a while if you have a good amount of products.


I just want to mention, if the creator of the froogle_exporter reads this, that it does not seem to be well thought out. I am not knocking your work just suggesting modifieing it so that it does not include unnecesary items and quotes.

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