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Shipping question


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Hi, I need help. lol


I am not great with PHP and have been searching the contributions and the forums and can't seem to find what I need. The more I read the more confused I get.


I am making a site for someone who is in the UK and wants to set up shipping as follows...


?2.50 per item for UK

?3.50 for Europe

On all pruducts except for three which would be

?5.50 to UK and ?15 to Europe.


I am assuming (which is probably wrong) that I can do this, and still have regular shipping to the US (he's in the UK) by weight or that there is a way to not allow sales to the US.


I have no idea how to do this and I seem to get more and more confused as I try and figure it out. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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