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How do you reset the stats for products viewed?


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I am having a problem finding where the stats can be reset in admin, specifically the data that is viewed on the stats_products_viewed.php page.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I could be wrong, but I think you have to do that in the database.

It's in the table products_description then products_viewed row.

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If you want to clear the products viewed (reset them to start over), then you go to the products_description and the products_viewed field is the counter. You can run an SQL command to set them all to 0(zero), which will reset your list.


I did this on my site once I was finished developing, so that I could see what was REALLY being viewed by my customers.


Hope that helps.



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I am a novice at SQL so I had to search for how to actually perform the query mentioned previously. Thought I would post it here for others that wish to do this, but are also still learning:


UPDATE products_description SET products_viewed=0 WHERE products_viewed > '0';




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