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uk recorded delivery


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I have uploaded the uk recorded delivery module but it doesn't seem to be working.


My items have a weight of 3.25 each.


If I go to the admin section and edit the recorded delivery bit I have these options set:


UK Recorded Delivery Rates

Enable Zones Method



Tax Class



Sort Order



Zone 1 Countries



Zone 1 Shipping Table



Zone 1 Handling Fee



Now, when I add three items to my cart, it says


"UK Recorded Delivery UK Recorded Delivery The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time."


and the price comes up as ?0.00


Does anyone know what is going wrong here?

Any help much appreciated, I have been messing about with this for a while now and nothing seems to work.

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Nice bump!


Not familiar with the contribution.... but it looks like a zones issue.... do you have GB set as a zone in admin>locations/taxes/zones..? :shock:

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I have 182 zones!


I added united kingdom (GB), but it doesnt seem to have made a difference


its showing up with the first price i set for both table rate and recorded delivery.


I have it set like this:






so no matter how many items i have in the cart, it just shows 92p!

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the table rate is showing up as ?13.50 when i have two items in my basket, and here i have entered:

Shipping Table





it makes no sense to me (someone please explain)


I'm sure its just something simple with the way i am entering the values, but i have chopped and changed them and I still cant get it to work right :( :( :cry: :cry:

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well if they weigh 3.25 each and you ordered 2 thats a total of 6.50 right?


Well your table only goes to 0.30 in weight...

See here:

Zone 1 Shipping Table



the 0.3 is the max weight. which would be charged at 4.25 if it came in on or under this weight.

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i see thanks


so this can't be done as per item irrespective of weight?


I thought 0.1 meant 1 item etc..

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Nope this is a weight based table only.


You will need another mod from contributions to enable you to do shipping cost by units purchased.

Weight is far closer for real shipping tho, cos most couriers work by weight rates, not quantity rates.

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