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OSC as CMS for groups?


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I am looking for a Content Management System handling the same features as OSC... and that is nearly possible to get everywhere. But when it comes to real multi linguistic language and product catalogue no other systems as I have seen so far can handle this in full scale ( I have tried Geeklog, all the *nukes and forks of it, tiki, mambo, DC5, Ovidentia and a bunch of other systems).


What I am missing in OSC is the possibility to make groups and rights for logged in users and to have full forum possibilities incorporated. The features should be something like this:


-all the OSC features as know today

-group assignment for logged in users

-permission assignment for groups and users

-granted rights for groups and users

-menu and news assignment for the groups

- daily newsletter for assigned groups and members


The OSC CMS should be used for a large scout union, with several units each with app 10 sub troops. Troop leader A should not have the right to write stories in Troop B's area etc. In addition, the troop leader should have the rights to choose which groups are able to read or comment on the stories. A calendar system should be fully integrated into this.


The Idea is to make two forums in one system: a presentation of the scouts for visitors, and the internal community ?behind? the public area.


I have right now a system running based on Geeklog but the language coding is - may I say :? - therefore, to use this in more than one language is impossible. You can look here http://www2.spejdernet.dk/herlufsholm/ to get an idea of what I mean (it is in Danish, sorry).


Does anyone know if there are mods to OSC to handle this OR does such system exits?


Best regards



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Does anyone know if there are mods to OSC to handle this OR does such system exits?


in short....Nope...not with osc.... :shock:


Now what you can do.....


they are several excelent mods out there which will help you in this endevour, but all of the mods will need to be changed to do what you need....


Your biggest hurdle will the the groups and the forum....since osc is an e-commerce package this has never been planned for (at least not publicly by the team)......

But with some harding work and lots of coding this is possible......(like most things are in programming).....



Peter McGrath


See my Profile (click here) for more information and to contact me for professional osCommerce support that includes SEO development, custom development and security implementation

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