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404 error after clicking on"log yourself in" and &


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I am receiving a 404 error after clicking on"log yourself in" and "create an account links on the main index page. Both files, login.php and create_account.php files exist. :shock:


I had recently installed oscommerce via my servers contol panel. I had several errors and realized that several files and 2 directories were missing. I then did an install myself. I did not have this error at the time when my host company control panel did the install, now I do. :D


No offense to any poster, moderator, or anyone in between however, I have noticed that when someone asks a question, the person responding automatically thinks the poster knows PHP. I am not one that does, but I have learned alot over the last 2 months after installing several programs and working with configure.php files and such, that I deceided to leave HTML coded pages behind and use strictly PHP driven software and code. It is more efficient in the creation and updating of a website. The ability to update or create a site "on the fly" is beneficial, in my opinion, to creating a interactive and user friendly website.


I commend the people that work hard to create what it is I use to create and ultimately, run my website as I do. Mostly, the admin panels are self-explanatory. This does not mean that someone such as myself knows what to do when they receive an error. A little help and understanding is all we ask. That is what the Installation and Configuration forums are all about, are they not?


Michael Desmarais

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A person of many problems, those are both secure pags, if you have set SSL to false and you have SSL you will not get the pages, you you have SSL set to true and don't have SSL you will not get the pages.


Chech both in admin and catalog

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