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missing download link (help me!)


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On my site i offer files for download after a paypal payment.


Everthing runs ok , but


After the payment is done there is no download link!????:


Download links



Link expires: Thursday 19 June, 2003

5 downloads remaining


So a customer has made his payment but cannot download....


There is only text but it is no link.


Who can help me out?



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  • 3 months later...

Can anyone please assit, i have uploaded the file and all, but still no download link, I am using check/money order for payemnt method, and I have even updated the order to pending or processing or delivered, and still no change can anyone assist please.

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Hi, I am also having the same problem, can somone please shed some light.


Here is what I have tried:


Under product attributes, I tried just specifing in the filename box just the filename like "filename.pdf" which was placed on my web server root directory, not in my catalog folder. This did not generate a download link after a customer orders a product.


Then, I tried specifing a filename inside the catalog folder "/catalog/download/filename.pdf", again did not see download link.


I also tried placing a url inside the box: "http://www.domain.com/catalog/download/filename.pdf" and this didn't seem to do much either.


I can't seem to find clear documentation on how to have the functionality of allowing downloads, any help is appreciated.

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:( I have the same problem with a site offerring immediate file download after paypal ipn payment. The link IS available when a manual update of the order status is carried out (eg. from paypal processing to delivered) but not when the paypal_notify.php for paypal ipn is involved. I have 2.2 MS1 installed with various mods including Linda's downloads controller, paypal IPN v.0.971 and agree to terms


Any resolution tot he problems above?




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