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How can it REMEMBER Credit Card info when you enter a COUPON

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I hope someone can help me on this...


Im running aprox 010303 Snap, /w Credit Class/Gift Voucher mod - don't remember version off hand. Anyway, everything works fine - has been for months - But i've always had this problem:


When you choose Credit Card, enter your CC info - then below enter a coupon code - The page reloads and says the code was accepted, but the customer has to enter all the Credit Card info again!


I search all of the board, and can't find an answer.

(a) Is it possible to put GVoucher/Coupon boxes on a different page.

or (B) have it 'remember' the users Credit Card info when the page reloads.



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yes, i searched this forum a lot, can't find any solution about how to keep the credit card information when the page refresh.



i think anybody got this problem if they use coupon


anybody knew this ?


we need help




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For the time being, I added a notice to please re-enter your payment information again, and click continue. I get alot of people confused, and keep re-entering the code each time the page reloads - what a hassle!


Add .REDEEMED_COUPON_ENTERAGAIN to order_total/ot_coupon.php

tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . urlencode(ERROR_REEDEEMED_AMOUNT.REDEEMED_COUPON.$coupon_amount.' '.$coupon_extra.REDEEMED_COUPON_ENTERAGAIN), 'SSL'));



define('REDEEMED_COUPON_ENTERAGAIN', '-Please re-enter your payment information and click Continue');


Really just a temporary fix - Putting the Available Credit fields on its own page might be the answer - anyone know?

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I just moved the coupon/voucher box above the CC box on the screen and placed a note to redeem the coupon or voucher before entering payment info in. Nobody has complained yet... :D

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Oops, hold on... that is not it either as that is a newer version which sends them through the check-out process rather than refreshing the page with the "you have redeemed a coupon" message at the top. I know I have the older version on a site somewhere...give me a few minutes and I will find it. :D

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