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I have Attributes Manager installed.


Seems to work good,


Except I need to include multiple subattributes.


I.E for One Product:


I can have :


Honda 99-03 CBR600 XYZ Product


For a similar Product it might be:


Honda 96-00 CBR 600 F4i XYX Product


meaning I could have multiple sets Years, Multiple Models and Multiple Extensions.

So should I have Multiple Option Names:

Option Name: Honda, CBR, blah blah

or Multiple Option Values

Option Value: year/bike/ model number

I was doing some math and it seems like my attributes will go through the roof if I start adding all the products attributes in seperately.


So My Question is what is the best attributes manager out there and which would you recommend for an application like this?


or is there an easier way to set this up?


Thanks for any responses,



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I am having the same issues. I asked about this the other day and no reply!


I have a site that sells shirts. We have to list 50 designs in 16 different sizes for each one!!!! Could get VERY tedious. Please tell me there is a shortcut to this madness.

How can I add the same drop down menu with 16 different sizes to each design? Is there a php page I can copy and paste these values, or is there a way that I have overlooked to do this?

Please help, I need to get this project finished.

Thank you,


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I know what you mean. I am trying to enter my tire category. Well each tire has 6 or so sizes with each size a different price. I entered the price + or - the base price but that looks confusing.




see http://www.tracksideracerssupply.com/catal...&products_id=28


I don't like the + or - price showing in the drop down menu.


Oh yeah, did I mention that I am learning PHP as I go????





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Linda's SEC has an attributes manager/copier/sorter


Go look in the contributions forum to find out more....

[no external urls in signatures please, kthanks]

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