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shopping cart loses added items on live site - help needed


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Items can be added to the cart, but when you navigate to another page (any page, problem not specific to single page, secure or non-secure) the cart shows empty. Happens whether you are logged in user with items in your cart from previous session, or new customer.


I have not made any recent changes, other than updating my SSL certificate (which appears to be fine). The site is running on PHP 4.3.2RC4.


Any ideas greatly appreciated

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Thanks for the advice. I have tried changes the settings as suggested but the problem remains - as soon as you navigate away from shopping_cart.php after adding product cart appears empty.


The site is running on FreeBSD, Apache 1.3.27, MySQL 3.23.43, PHP 4.3.2 RC4 if this is of any interest. Also, I have tried recreating the error using my local copy of the site (running on PHP 4.3.2), but it works fine.


Again, any help/ideas appreciated

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Your problem is most likely due to PHP 4.3.2 RC4.


A lot of users with the version of PHP have been reporting similar problems.


If you have the ability, try downgrading your PHP and see if the problem is not resolved.

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