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Some Images Not Working


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After a very messy install (needed to manually set the administration settings, for some reason only the catalog portion set up automatically with the 'automatic' install)... i've gotten most of the site up and running, but heres the problem...


certain images are not loading... the 'languages' pictures on the main page, the 'checkout' and reviews button on the product discription page, and a few other 'random' ones are not loading. if i try to load the graphics manually (get the URL and type it in) i get an "Internal Server Error". I am running this locally (not over hte internet yet), so everything is on the localhost. I am running the newest versions of MYSQL, Apache, and PHP.


Any ideas would be great. (I'm a very newbie, so the more detailed the information the better!)


Thanks so much in advance!

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First of all, make sure all the images are there and in the proper directory. chmod the images directory to 777 and, I have had this problem, make sure all the images are chmod 664. My server was setting some images to 600. Try that and see how it works.



###I am not a PHP cure all....

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I do know unix, however, (ARGG) this is on a windows box, with Apache as the server. Any ideas how to do this with that? (Apache / PHP 4 / MySQL for Windows)...


Normally I would've used a Unix box for this, but its going to be on a windows server when in production, so its on a windows box now..


Thank you for the help thus far though !!


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after deleting the HTACCESS file in the main catalog/includes folder this opened up the right access on the subdirectories. I also made a change to the global security for apache (config directory) .


If looking for more info "search" the message boards for "missing buttons" (without quotes) to see some of the other posts with links to help on this specific problem

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