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Using sessions to save/get info between non-SSL and SSL?


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I'm trying to add to the order confirmation email a line that shows some user information (vehicle model, for example, stored in a variable $veh_model) that the user has selected on the non-SSL side of the website.


The problem is that my non-SSL domain is http://www.mydomain.com, while my SSL domain is https://www.hostingcompany.com/~mydomain. I can't store it as a cookie, because you can only read a cookie from your own site. The SSL side can't read the non-SSL side cookies.


Sessions seem to be the way to go. It's what allows the cart to remember what is in it once you go into the order process on the SSL side.


I've been beating my head all morning trying to add something to the current session - it's not obvious. Can someone post a clear example on setting and reading back a value from the session? I've been looking at includes/session.php, etc, but I just don't get it.






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