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Payflow Link Problem...

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I've got a client using payflow link, and I've run into a interesting problem.


I'm hoping I just don't have something configured correctly.


If you go thru the whole process, and you click on the 'Confirm Order' button, it takes you to the Payflow Link screen that tells you if your order is confirmed, declined, etc.


If it is confirmed, and the user doesn't click the confirming button at the bottom of the screen - their card is charged, an oscommerce never records the order, because as far as it's concerned, it never gets finalized.


What should be set in payflow link to prevent this?


I currently have the return url with a post method as http://www.mysite.com/catalog/verisignreturn.php


Are there correct settings for :

silent post url

force silent url post confirmation

failed silent post return url


that will correct this?


Please help!

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According to their documentation putting the same URL for silent POST should post the same information that they have on their screen to the URL you place in the manager.verisign.com interface.


This should save the order for you correctly. I havent' tested this though.

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Did you ever find a solution to your verisign problem? I'm also setting up a Payflow Link system and having the same problems no matter what set up I use in the verisign manager.


Can you point me in the right direction if you get an answer.





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we've ran into the same problem as well. OSC doesn't have the record but the customer gets charged. We have to call the customer and get the order information. Is this a easy fix we all missed?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Problem: All my silent posts are working just fine, BUT when the AVS fails (security features) the payment gets voided... but the user believes that the service was accepted and the account goes through and I get the order.


According to verisign...


Solution ID: vs4426

Solution Title: Transaction approved but voided: Payflow Link

Goal: Transaction approved, then automatically voided

Resolution: Reasons for transactions being automatically voided after transaction was approved:


1) Check the Address Verification Security (AVS) settings located under Payflow Link Info in VeriSign Manager. The setting may be set too sensitive. See Solution: vs10630 for more information regarding AVS.

2) Check the Silent Post URL field to verify if silent post feature is being implemented. See Solution: vs9363 for more information regarding Silent Post.

3) Check the Failed Silent Post URL field to verify if failed silent post is being implemented. See Solution: vs9363 for more information regarding Silent Posting failing.


Is there a solution for this? About 1 in 10 of my transactions are being voided because of the AVS check (we validate the zip code as the billing zip code). This is an important security feature and I would hate to lose the feature as it reduces chargebacks.


As an example, today I had a customer place the order at 7:17:48 and it recorded the sale, and then the sale was voided at verisign at 7:17:52. I show a completed order, but in fact I haven't been paid.

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Ok, what the problem is that the verisignreturn.php script as it is written updates the shopping cart when it receives a silent return from verisign. This includes even when the credit card is denied. The original author of script expected us to hit the return to site button which would only occur if the transaction was approved.


Since we are using the silent return method which sends data even if the transaction is denied, you need to add an if clause that keeps script from executing if the card is denied. Check out this thread.



FYI the reason i check for the variable "result" to be 0 is because according to their documentation this in only code that is used for an approved transaction.

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  • 3 months later...

Hi All,

I have implemented verisign payflow link and almost everything is ok, however there is one problem.

After the payment is processed and the customer clicks on the button to return to shopping on my site, they have to log back into the system which is not a good thing.

Does anyone know a way to stop the customer from being logged out when returning to the site after the payflow link payment?


I have set the following up in the payflow link manager:


Return URL: https://secure.mydomain.com.au/checkout_success.php


Silent post URL: https://secure.mydomain.com.au/verisignreturn.php


Any assistance or ideas are appreciated.




Don't forget to check out http://wiki.oscommerce.com/Top for OsCommerce support documentation

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Everyone,


I have similar problem with Met00. It seems that whenever the customer leaves from the confirmation page onto VeriSign's website, the verisignreturn.php is updated, or for whatever reason, the order is complete. This is regardless if the credit card is declined or approved, or if the customer clicks the continue bottom. I also do not see silent post URL in the who's online page. What could be the problem? This is really important and I hope somebody can help. Please. Thank you.

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