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dual currencies


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We are setting up store.....have two sets of merchant accts. 1st for US Dollars, 2nd for Cdn. $$$. want purchases from US / Int'l to use US $$$, purchases from Canadians to use Cdn. $$$


Can OS Commerce work with this?? Alternatively, we could set up two copies but run into issue of 2 databases of inventory, duplication of service etc.


Suggestions??? Add-on's???





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Hi Douglas,


this is a OSC standard. In Shop Admin you specify all the currencies you want in the Localization menu. The only thing you must consider is which is the default currency and which exchange rate complies at any time.

I myself work with 3 different currencies as we in Denmark have one, the European Union another and for the rest of the world I us USD.


Hope you get on with this.

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Dear Winner:


Thank you for your reply to my message.


A point of clarifcation: when you state that you use diff. currencies, does this suggest that you can receive orders in diff. currencies, that stay in that currency. ... ie. they are not converted to one single currency.


This is actually what we need. To receive orders from Cdn. orders in Canadian $$$ and receive US / Int'l orders in US $$$.....both are forward to the appropriate bank acct. - either US or Cdn. dollars.


We have a merchant acct. for each currencies. my hope is that both can be entered, and the orders coming from Cdn. order link go to the Cdn. $$$ merchant acct.


thanks in advance!



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I've got the same problem. I run my catalogue with US and Canadian dollars, but the prices are fixed in each currency - not variable as they would be if they were altered by a base exchange rate. It's very important to my catalogue that the prices remain fixed in US dollars as well as Canadian dollars, though the option to convert to other currencies such as the Euro is very attractive.


Can osCommerce be modified to accommodate this?

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