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The e-commerce.

Is it possible to insert a table into the product discript


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Hi & Thanks for any clever and cunning plans anyone comes up with to help me


I am selling computer parts and want to list system kits.

The kits comes with a heap of standard stuff, like mb cdrom case ect..

but there are a lot of changable items such as cpu size and hard drive size.

This gives me about 56 different prices for the same basic kit and I have 10 basic kits. At first I thought about adding lots of attributes to add on different amounts as they selected different options, but what a job.


Now I am wondering if I can create the layout, maybe a table, I want in Dreamweaver and cut and paste the code in to the product discription field as I am entering the new product..... Can this be done????


Or open to any other ideas

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The dreamweaver way will work too (remember to copy the entire source code) ... also, check out the product attributes system - I have set up something similar for a customer who sells sealants and I used dreamweaver - just remeber to start with your basic price and add the cost of the "upgrades" in the attributes.


Alternatively, check out this PC creator contribution.

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