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Colour scheme - opinions please


which colour scheme do you prefer?  

  1. 1. which colour scheme do you prefer?

    • A - Lighter version
    • B - Darker version

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Sorry for starting a new thread, but I wanted to add a poll & it seems you cant do that to an existing thread :huh: :sleepy:


Whilst I'm working on all your helpful suggestions from my earlier posting, I want to finalise the colour scheme.

A) colour6.jpg




B) colour7.jpg


Thanks to all of you for helping me get this far, without going completely bald! :bigups: :bigups: :bigups:

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I like both- The richer colors would be less contrasting if you made the background a cream color, maybe?

If you kept both stylesheets, you could alternate at spring and fall, when the clothing colors lighten up and darken again.

psst... wanna buy a wand?

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Making the background cream would mess up the images. :-( I do have themas installed, so I may try out your idea of varying the site colours with the seasons.

I'm currently working on the paler version, but with darker text. A big problem seems to be that the font I used on the darker version looks crap on the paler background, so I've been hunting fo something better.


You can click on the www link if you want to see which font I'm using today! :lol:

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