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problems when clicking back!


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I have a problem with a store.


it seems that if i click into a catergpry and then click back it looks like it doesnt include the header or stylesheet.


at first i thourght it was my machine which wasnt caching pages properly.. but it is doing it on other machines also.


here is the link: http://www.pixelpotfolio.co.uk/jjsmods/cat...log/default.php


as you can see i have center shop installed. please click around the site and then try clicking back.


it breaks :( im not entirly sure why.. and have spent the best part of two hours looking for the problem.





ePDQ arrggghhhh!

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Are you just talking about getting into some category and then hitting the browser "Back" button.


I went to your site and went about six levels deep in categories and backed up to the catalog page and everything seemed the same. Background colors and top header image.


Any more specifics?



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  • 3 weeks later...

i have just tested it at work and it works fine..


the site also only seems to produce this problem when you only click in to the site twice and click back. anymore or less than this and it works fine.


the only thing i can think of is that it is something to do with mine and the customers 56k cant get the information down fast enough and it misses the info.


am lost now :( the only thing i can think of is upgrading to a snapshop but i dont have the time to do it :(:(

ePDQ arrggghhhh!

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Are you using GZip compression?


If so, verify that your Apache is not also using mod_ssl as well. Also check that your PHP.ini is not setup to use ini.zlib_compression.


Anytime you have double compression you can run into troubles.


Lastly, what browser is everyone using?

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