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Screwed up moving the shop! HELP!!!!


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I decided to move the shop from catalog/ to directly under my domain, but now that I've moved it, I can only load the front page & that loads as just a mass of links & text - no stylesheet or images. The source code is still showing as the old /catalog/ location :(


Admin is working fine!?!?


I changed the details in both configure.php files. What else do I need to change?

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Yup, missed something really simple. :oops: I forgot to change the permissions so the file wasn't being updated!


Why is it always the really simple things that have you pulling your hair out??? :roll:

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I should have checked before I posted....Looks like you got it figured out.


only just now - so I was probably changing it as you typed, so even if you'd looked, you'd have seen the messed up version.


Thanks for trying to help - much better to have someone tell you what you're doing wrong as you're figuring it out, than to have noone try to help because you might have figured it out already. :D (did that make sense?)

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