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I am currently working on a new store running oscommerce, having installed (and just barely modified) an earlier release some time last year. I feel I have a pretty decent understanding of modifying the code and installing modifications, although I am fairly uneasy doing anything of my own just yet.


This current store is primarily designed to sell forms (both custom and stock) to local garages the client already has relationships with. So with that in mind I have installed the Option Type Feature to collect customization information about each form (though I worry about the length restrictions). I've also installed All Products, Header Tags Control, and the LoginBox. What I still need is a way to apply discounts to certain quantities of order (essentially one unit will be, say, 250 forms, and as the customer orders more each set should be a bit cheaper). This sounds to me much like the Quantity Control written by Linda McGrath, but here is where I am having difficulty.


I am using the MS1 release. I had originally installed a more recent snapshot but found that many of the contributions I wanted were designed for MS1 (which doesn't necessarily mean installation would be more difficult).


I've looked into the Shoppe Enhancement Controller, and though I don't like many of the new features I suppose they could be turned off. All I really need is a way to select a number of forms all from one product listing (I had thought about having separate items: form1 (250 sheets), form1 (500 sheets), etc. but I think that would be counterintuitive), and apply discounts to higher numbers. I've also looked into Andrew Baucom's contribution, but I don't really understand how I would apply it.


So, I suppose my real question is: How could I add a quantity pricing, hopefully without having to completely reinstall a newer snapshot and adding features I don't want from SEC? Has anyone tried using the SELECT based product attributes to do something similar? (this actually might work just fine as the forms will all be printed after an order is placed and no inventory needs to be maintained).

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