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problem: one product, multiple prices/sizes


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Hi, I'm sure there is an obvious solution to this, but I'm not real bright.


I set up a product that has three different sizes and three different prices, plugging in the lowest price item in the item set-up. ($1.00)


Then in product attributes I created a size attibute with an assoicated cost for each size. I didn't want to have the +pricing so I just put the full cost of each item for each size.


Now when you add the product to the cart it credits that amount to the cart instead of adding it!


My question is how do you set up a product with multiple sizes/prices without using the +pricing strategy? I want the pull-downs to have the full price of the item, not just the additional cost.


Can someone please help?


The product in question: http://www.norcalfreedive.com/catalog/prod...&products_id=69


Thanks very much!

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Sure the easy answer. Set the initial price at $0.00


That will work looks funky but will work. Perhaps if ya revamp the code a bit you can simple remove the intiial price especially if you never intend to use the initial price.

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