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Add Text on Items


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Hi, Anyon know if any attribute modules that will allow you to add text in? For example Like a prompt request test..


What Server do you need?


Then the user type in the info. and process


Anyone know of any contribution that does that, cuz i'm using one right now it does all the other but lack the access of thisone, which is the most crital one of..



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this is sooo sad.. I have been posting sooo many post on this forum and none get answear?? what is the deal here.. Come on. pleae help the guy out.. Please!!!!

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I'll answer you, but you probably won't like the answer.


I don't know of any attribute box that you can set up for the user to key text in on a particular product. Can you not set up a "Server" attribute box and give them the values to choose from?



If I build it...they will come.

If I don't try to build it.....I will never know!

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I need input from user? so I know what server they wanted to get? There is no option on this. Its like asking them What password do you want?

You can't give them the option to that can you? Is there somehow a way to do this more ez?


Damn I really needed something like this..


But thanks for the FEEDBACK!!! as lease someone is answear this.. :) heheeh Now I know not to ask stupid question.. heehehe



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