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Hello everyone,


I need to use thumbnails to display the images on my site, but I want to create thumbnails automatically when the images are uploaded.


Contributions I've found are :


MoPics (Do you have to upload your own thumbnails or are they created automatically)


One that lets you choose different image sizes


and the vvgallery - oscommerce project.


Can any one suggest the best conntributinon to use (maybe only as a starting point) the most important point for me is the automatic generation of thumbnails by the server. I know gallery

(that amazingly good gallery) does this but I'm finding it difficult to figure out how.

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The program makes the single thumbnail for displaying your product right out of the box. However, the thumb is just a resized version of the large image that is uploaded. this can make for very slow loading if you have a lot of large image files.


If you need multiple thumbnails for each item the Mo-Pics or Dynamic Mo-Pics would be my recommendation for an add-on. There are several other image contributions too. It depends on what your needs are.

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Automatic Thumbnail Creator contribution will do this resampling automatically for jpegs and pngs (but can't handle gifs).

See it working on my site and see if you like what it can do (I also have several other image contributions installed).

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