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forcing acceptance of T & C before processing


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I am currently testing osc on my dev server and I need to configure it to go to our Terms and Conditions before processing the order. I need to force the user check a box before processing the cc.


Has anyone done something like this ? I looked at checkout_shipping.php but am not sure how to edit it to do this.


Any help is appreciated.




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Well thanks for the suggestion. I looked in other categories for a contribution - guess I missed Features.


But - however, I installed the mod, but it didnt work thusly:


if the box is not checked - it still processes the order. I double checked the 'if stmt' in checkout_process.php, and it has the whole stmt. Although - we're not running ssl on this server, which is listed as the last parameter in the tep_redirect function. Does that matter?


Also - unfortunately I am assigned the task by my export people that I must take the user to a separate page that they have to check in order to proceed. The want the user to have to scroll down the doc to the check box :roll:


What's the protocol here? Is it ok to email the author of this mod? :?:


Thanks for your help


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Ok - according to the author of this module:



sorry, but we found out, that it doesnt work with verisign.


Does anyone have any other ideas ? I'd hate to change cc processors right now since we have successfully done a test link.


What other cc processors would be good ?


I'd rather change the code - but I'm afraid it will take me a while to figure out


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just to clarify - your current cc processor should be able to switch you to another gateway instead of verisign. verisign is simply the gateway not the actual cc processor. authorize.net is another good one if you are requiring real-time processing vs off-line processing. another option which may be easier to implement right now would be simply to capture the cc info via the store and then once you get the order, simply hand key the order into the virtual terminal that you should have received access to when you purchased the gateway. That way you can keep what you currently have, and hopefully a contrib that will do what you need will be developed in the meantime.



real-time processing is not a requirement in order to do business online.

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