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The e-commerce.

Few little bits im suck on...


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Few things I?m suck on....


1) The "top" link under logo how do I change the text and the link?


2) Also when a guest adds products to cart then signs up the cart empties by itself.


3) Also for manufactures page on select is there a way to have details about the companies?


4) A way to have thumbnails displayed instead of product names on choosing a product category


5) Change the link css for the default body text without changing other text on page.



Sorry :oops: if theses questions have been asked in differant sections would very much appreciate help on theses



Many thanks



[email protected]


is o so simple to get it wrong!

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1) Edit Top


go to


catalog/includes/application_top.php and edit the third of these lines (so mine points to index.php and is called home.)


require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'breadcrumb.php');

$breadcrumb = new breadcrumb;

$breadcrumb->add("Home", "index.htm");


2) Sounds like a bug (doesnt happen to me)what version/snapshot of oscommerce do you use?


4) If anyone knows the best solution to this then I'd also like to know


5) Pull in a different style sheet in the body tag of the default.php page?

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2) I've seen this mentioned in the forums before - search the forums & you'll find it eventually.


4) I think there's a contribution for that.


5) Wouldn't it be easier to just add another class for the bit you want to change? It'll save confusion in the long run.

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thanks for the replys


5) yeah excuss that question that was a little dumb yes ive added another class dont know why i asked that :? ops :oops:


4) still looking for a contribution for that any one find please post link cheers..



thanks people ........... the beat goes on ;-)

[email protected]


is o so simple to get it wrong!

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o yh lol


em well downloaded that contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...s,112/page,12[/


but it dont seem to work with 2.2 lastest release of oscommerce?


so im on the look out for another one...


is there one like that for the manufactures page ? want it to look like when select a artist (in my case www.wightarts.co.uk) want to have a page about them with a few thumnails below that ?


thanks :wink:

[email protected]


is o so simple to get it wrong!

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